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Great idea, great execution, great presentation. Thank you!

Great comment! :D


This project is super cool. Just got 100% in the demo.Very exciting stuff!

thanks for playing! well done! ^^

OMG that is crazy!! Would you mind sharing how many species there are total?  I don't know how to tell how close to 100% I am ^^;;  Also any advice on the stone where you have to avoid the warp to the softlock to get there would be appreciated-- I can get there but I have no idea how I'm supposed to get back to a save without softlocking afterwards

I think I've forgotten too much to be of use here. I don't think you can lock yourself out of 100% though?

Yeah, I figured, it's trying to find a way to a save after scanning the stone takes forever when I don't even know where to go on the first jump and missing it means I have to reset and lose ~5 minutes of progress ;.; Congratulations anyhow; knowing it is possible is pretty cool :)

There's any map that I can compared?

Maybe this one! (Warning, contains demo spoilers!)

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i like the theme 

and the idea


do hope comes out soon!

doing my best for that to happen, thanks!


Hey I love this little game ! It was fun !

thanks for playing!! ^^

When will realease?

Not quite yet! I'm writing the status update that gives some more info, please look forward to it!

how to scan stuff

you need to get the scanner first!



I don't really have a way of getting out of here, what do I do

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oh shoot i've broken that room in the latest update! :0 the only way to get out now is to reset the game and load your save... (i'll try to fix this today!)

EDIT: Fixed!


I know time is a social construct, but can we please get a status update?

oh thanks for reminding! i'll write one asap...

ahem...  :)

hngnngh, I guess it's time...


This is fantastic!


AMAZING!! I love it

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How do you number the rooms? While reading the comment section, I saw stuff like room 2.5 or 5.7 and I have no idea what that means. Also, how do you do the double jump thing?

Edit: I also just realized that you can start the boss, exit the room and come back and you will be able to finish the game even before you start the second phase lol


the numbering is shown when

scanning the signposts!

the double jump is a

frame-perfect trick you can do by scanning midair.

Hmm, finish the game before starting the second phase? ;0 Do you mean you were able to skip the third phase somehow? How?

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Well, I couldn't replicate it, but I just activated the first phase of the boss, left the boss room, went back and the boss was still active (I could start the next "attack"), but the barrier was gone and I could just finish the demo. I'm not sure, but it could be related to quitting and reloading a bunch of times on the same save before the bossfight. I also visited the out of bounds section.

Anyway, I found another way to practically skip most of the boss. After starting to scan the big bird during the first phase, it will normally push you off the platform, but if you start scanning again while being pushed, you'll just clip through the bird. If you already knew about that and decided not to remove it, I think you should make the timing more precise or make the strat harder in some other way, because I actually found this on my first playthrough and it feels way too easy.

Edit: I actually switched from Past Simple to Present Simple in the middle of a sentence and then went back to Past Simple, it should be fixed now.

Edit 2: Wow, that's a ton of text in a single comment.

I tried to replicate your bug as well, but couldn't get it to happen. I may need to research it further...

Yeah, I knew about the scan skip, but good call - it's too easy to do accidentally. I made it more precise, so it's something you can still do but not as easily! This change will be included in the next demo update. 

Thanks for the long comment! :> It already made the game better.

Could you make the tree in 2-3 scannable? The rest of the plants are and that one makes me sad :( Well, the rest besides the grass on dirt blocks, but that's different!

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love the game telling me congrats, also I love the fact that we get credits, very nice game


XD I love how the game tells you that you're out of bounds, though I had to repeat the trek a few times due to a certain hidden pit

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any chance you can show the keyboard buttons in the main menu instead of exbone buttons next update?

like a option to toggle either one would be nice and being able to to aim with the mouse too

also i loved the game before, glad to play it updated now

hmm the game should show keyboard buttons if you're using keyboard to play it!

i'm planning to jump into the version 1.1 of the game engine in the future, so it should be much easier to rebind your keys.

could of been a issue on my end then, using a old af laptop 

updating the engine might help ye and thx for responding

Hooray, new update. Are there any new areas available?

nope, just polishing :) i'll post a devlog about it later!

devlog out now!

Any update on progress? (no pressure :) )


Let's see... 

- Lately I've focused on bugfixing & gameplay fixes, which is actually the reason why I haven't had that much new stuff to showcase

- But! I finally got the second-to-last bossfight done a few weeks ago. Not that much left!

- Yesterday, I finished the EMUUROM OST. All songs are now done!

It's all coming together, slowly but surely!



I call the first annual "Meeting of the Hats" to order! :)

Haa, congrats!

There's one more hat to be found....


When will we see the full version? :-)



Hi, is there a way to scan the cloud in 5.7?

And is there an easier way to get to 1.6 than by double jump from 2.5 to 2.6? By trying this jump i sometimes fall down by the waterfall and have to either go very long way around back or quit and start again at save at 1.8.


Nope, afaik scanning that cloud is impossible.

And no, that's the only way to 1.6...

BUT! I don't want to let you and other out-of-bounds explorers down, so I made the OOB areas a bit easier to traverse in, which is out NOW ^^


Good on dev for making release be "when it done" instead of a year. Even if it took a few updates. Gotta keep a healthy relationship with these projects.


There's a smiley face in the demo end screen thingy :)

You should update that supposed release date to 2023 ;-)


yeeeeah, 2022 is running out of days!

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please help, Ive been trying everything I can think of the get out of the spot where you first get scanner but Im just stuck in that room! I cant jump high enough to get out, help?!?

Edit: stupid fucking secret tunnel.


Note to self: I should probably make the secret tunnel more obvious.


Ok, this game is amazing, wow, good job!

Spent in it around 2 and a half hours so far, finished with... emm... unexpectedly high %, but still sure i didn't do everything i could've done. Left few small places unexplored. Highly recommend.

*spoilers below, idk how to do that fancy blue on blue text :p*





Ok, i think i found new bug, since i didn't see anyone here mention it. If you jump on top of a top Kaakana in 3.5, and activate scan, you can phase through walls while getting carried away. Pretty neat, didn't have to learn a double jump (never was able to do that either). Easy way out of bounds. 

I decided to try the game out, because i remembered Beyond Good & Evil, photographing some monsters and fantastical creatures, and loved the idea. But the out of bounds, meta jokes, easter eggs and, well, so much more content than expected, it's just amazing. Hope the full version will be as full of surprises.

Keep up the good work, borb ;)

Thanks for the commentary! You bet there will be TONS of surprises to be found...!

The phase-thru-walls thing, although originally a bug, is an intended feature at this point :D 

(PS. You can do the fancy blue text by setting Format to Heading 1.)


This has come together so nicely over the months! 






I love how the double-jump can be used to find 'secret' areas. It really captures that sense of mystery. Looking for a mushroom cap that lights up at the perfect frame to assist in this. It's out there somewhere! 

I *think* that one of the butterflies flew off to another screen and got lost somewhere in the world. Hopefully I can track them down or they respawn in the original screen but I need to test this more. 

I may try to decode the rune language to see what they say :D maybe the runes are just translations of the area names? 

Only downside of the demo is accidently falling into a screen of no-return where the demo ends and having to load a save. 

Favorite tune so far is when scanning the comet. So ominous! 

Thanks for continuous support! :D

I should probably make an explanation blogpost of the runes. 🤔

Spoilery responses:

TBH, I've removed the frame-perfect double jump from the upcoming full game (demo still has it!), it was a bit too easy to find accidentally (someone even thought it's a mandatory technique for progressing!), and it also made speedrunning infuriatingly difficult. So it gotta go!

PS. At the moment, the only way to get the butterflies back is to load a save.


Secret preview of the canyon at the boss bottom left



This game is great! Congratulations!

thanks!! Making it greater every day!

Hi, can anyone please give me a hint how to get to 2.6 if it's possible? From 2.5 I can't get to the right (too high jump). I managed to get to the narrow horizontal tunnel in 3.5 (the one that the topmost bird flies through) and throug it to 3.6, but there seems to be no way to ride that bird to jump up from 3.6 to 2.6.

You need to use the hidden frame-perfect double jump for getting to 2.6!


I found another way (although a little complicated) through the secret passage under the bear with the tall bouncy flowers

hehee, nice!

Can you give more details?


First you need to go to the bouncy thing with hat above the two large snails. There use the double jump to get on the ledge above the bouncy thing. Then go left as far as possible through a room with all the bouncy things that you scanned thus far. After that room is a bear and some bouncy flowers. To the left of the bottom parts of the flowers (one screen below the tops of the flowers) is a secret passage to a blind room (you need to scan for ground). There you must get to the top left via some clouds. There you will transit to room on the left where you will fall. There is a whole new area after that and from there you can through some more rooms fall through to the top right of the map. Haven't played for a while, so I'm notu sure about the last part, but the whole route is quite convoluted and long.

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There's so many good things in this.. So unique, I remembered it after 2 years back, when I played it for 15 min. And now again I must quit after 15 min, because controls are really unpleasant (sliding!, speed), music is broken (? all glitchy and harsh) and graphics are just a little too unclear... It needs some polish... but very interesting!

Please just open Celeste and copy the physics! And graphical clearness.


I just opened Celeste and copied the physics (forgot to paste them, though). 

I also added graphical clearness (wiped my monitor with a screen cleaner) 

Ok.  Is there a practice ROM for double jumps? I think that is where this is at now.  I am pretty sure I have to either triple jump with quick retries (is that possible?) or hit either of two double jumps with long walks back and my success rate on double jumps right now feels like it is <0.7%. I really have no idea what I'm doing, I just hit "jump, wait till peak, scan, wait a miniscule amount, scan, wait a miniscule amount half as big as the last one, jump" and hope it works, and sometimes it does. 

But it's too rare for me to do outside of a standing jump right now, and the only places accessible with a standing multi-jump that are inaccessible otherwise (to me right now) would need back-to-back double jumps (either 2 or like a million to climb up the waterfall chute in 2.8/3.8) and if I'm right about 0.7% then at 1 attempt per 4 seconds it will take around 16 straight hours for me to have a 50% chance of success and that sounds like practice ROM training time would be a better idea to me.

Okay, for future people, here's what I've figured out:

To double jump, start a scan at the height of your jump.  Then, whenever you want, hit jump BEFORE ending your scan.  You want to end your scan something like 1 or two frames after you hit jump. You don't actually need to push jump after you end the scan, just before it.  As far as I can tell, you are limited to 1 double jump per jump (i.e. no triple jumps) but idk for sure yet.

i've come to the conclusion that making the double jump is way to finicky so it will remain a demo feature - it won't be possible in the full game. i think it makes speedrunning the game more accessible when it's not dependent on frame-perfect input...

That's fair.  It was pretty cool to figure out, though, even if I never got good enough to triple jump.

Man, I am stumped on getting to Mt. Sus.  I finally found the invisible blocks in the sky (2.1). after trying to double-jump off the bear in 3.1 to reach 3.2 and, alternately, trying to triple jump without success in the small chute under the clouds in 2.7 in for several hours.  The blocks just lead back to the party house (2.2), though, and although we are on the previously-inaccessible roof there is nothing new to scan and we are prevented from jumping to what would presumably be 1.2 by something on the other side of the screen transition.  We also can't jump through the one-tile gap at the top-right of 2.1 to reach 1.1 :/  I've been trying to jump off the last invisible block in 2.1 so that I just barely clear the stairs down to 3.1 and then correct right to avoid landing on that little dirt lip at the top left in order to preserve bounce height so I could bounce all the way to the top left of the screen and land on that ledge, but 1) it's really hard, especially since the stuff you are jumping off of and around is invisible and 2) I *think* but cannot be sure because there are invisible blocks that there may actually be a max height that flowers launch you no matter how high you were beforehand and the whole plan is impossible.

Anyone know how to get up there?  I've got a lot of clouds left to scan ;)

1.1 and 1.2 happen to be where the current end-game softlock is so that blocked-off screen transition makes a little more sense now ^^; still can't get to Mt. Sus :(

Spoilers for getting to Mt. Sus:

you can get to Mt. Sus from the in-bounds tutorial area!

A hint:

 there's a secret path in the first Kaakana room.

Thanks so much for your reply!  I accidentally deleted my savefile, though, or maybe the update made it incompatible, but it shouldn't take too long to rescan the stuff I know how to reach.  

I never thought of using


to reach a non-adjacent room (and the two Mt. Sus rooms that are connected to 


aren't useful for getting to the main body of the mountain (i.e. where all the clouds are, and the top of the waterfall you see when double jumping up from 3.8).  That said, the party house redesign seems to have

added an exit that makes double jumping off the bear unnecessary, so  we will se where that giant new area leads, maybe there's a way up from there.I will see where that goes


I really enjoyed the demo and am looking forward to seeing the whole game. The boss battle was hard, but it was doable once I figured out what to do. I really like the implementation of the scanning gun and the sorts of things you can do with it in the game. I think there's a lot of opportunity for fun puzzles there that I haven't really seen in the demo, especially surrounding the jump+scan combo. I expect they'll be in the final version and I'm really excited to see it

Nice to hear you liked my little game! I already made the boss a bit easier by dropping out the fourth form (new demo update out today!), and I'm working hard on the final version....!


I somehow managed to get the green bouncy mushroom stuck to my head! It's the one you need the fish to reach... I bounced around on it until it went back together. I thought it was a glitch until I got the red bouncy mushroom to do the same thing! It's the one on the screen above the first set of birds. But that mushroom never came off! Also, are you meant to be able to get 100% in the demo? I can't reach the stone tablet thing near the two large snails and the comet for instance. And, I managed to scan only two butterflies. I love the game and can't wait to play more! :)

Yes, you can get 100% in the demo! 

Yeah the mushroom hat is not a glitch. (And tbh most ACTUAL glitches are pretty much intentional at this point.)

Oh, the stone tablet. Some EMUUROM could be of help for reaching the lookout tower from below....

Keep on scanning! More coming later this year. :D And thanks for the comment, your kind worlds made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :]

glitched through the wall and into the boss area; proceeded to fail a lot because the controls kept either a. eating jump inputs or b. refusing to stop the character when I released a key. Seems like a cool game, but needs a lot of polish.

(1 edit)

thanks for the critique!

a) haven't noticed inputs getting eaten myself. what controller did you use (or maybe a wireless keyboard?)

b) if that happened on air, it's intentional, i like to preserve the character's momentum. i could finetune the on-ground friction a bit, though 🤔

some polish underway, i'll try to do my best! :D

(2 edits)

a) I think it might not have been eating inputs necessarily, but my computer sometimes gets a significant amount of desync between pushing a button and the game actually receiving it. have you implemented e.g. coyote time and jump buffering? those might both help the situation.

b) The issue was mostly releasing the button after landing on a bird and then sliding off anyways. Perhaps platforms could have increased friction close to the edge, if you're not trying to move in a direction? Alternatively, if momentum is always preserved in air, that definitely needs a tutorial, since it is nonstandard to platformers. Had I known that were the case, I would have released the keys midair and this would probably have been less of an issue.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the reply, this helps immensely!

a) I've implemented coyote time (and most likely can't make it any longer because it would make some unreachable-intended platforms reachable!). I could definitely add jump buffering, tho! It's a good idea, I'll add it to the issue tracker ✌

b) Yeah moving platforms can be quite... tricky. To mitigate platforming frustration, I actually just yesterday made friction on moving platforms higher, I'll let you know when the update is live!And about the momentum-preservation: it IS mentioned in-game.... but only after acquiring the scanner. Maybe not ideal, I reckon? Then again, I try to keep the before-scanner section of the game silent, so it can be a bit hard to teach momentum-preservation at the point when the player first arrives in the bird room....



Really excited to see where this goes from here, the new boss fight feels like a good capstone to all the things you've learned at the end and I really hope this gets out in time for 2022! Here's hoping :)

thanks, nice to hear the boss works :> i'm working hard to make 2022 release happen...!


FINALLY I was able to play the game demo on a computer, I wanted to praise the collision system, so perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh, that's definitely something I haven't heard before. :D thanks!


Made a video


thanks for trying out the game! it was a fun play session to watch!


Happy you enjoyed the video and hope your able to finally release the full version this year


can you make it suitable for mobile? i cannot process the game cause im on mobile T-T

sorry, TIC-80 doesn't support (yet...?) exporting to mobile platforms... You can try to play the browser version with a bluetooth controller on mobile, but I can't promise anything about how well the game runs.  

Actually, Tic-80 does support Android: but it can only run .tic & png cartridges in the free edition.

It handles input easily by an built-in virtual gamepad & touchscreen (both used in a tic-80 nonogram; ROWBYROW !).

So it's worth a demo, maybe...

(However ios users may only play it via an html export, as there's no Tic-80 app for their OS.

Also Love2D needs a Mac to install the app for ios)

But there's an another problem: character limit.

.tic cartridges have a limit, and Emuurom has ~%600 code over the limit.

There may be a solution, just I have little experience with Tic-80.

Actually, I found an older, .tic version at!

The answer now is: yes, it's playable on mobile! (android)


You can actually play bigger .tic files with TIC-80 as well. I uploaded the .tic file of here, so you can use it for playing the game on mobile. Transferring the file to mobile TIC-80 app can be a bit tricky I guess, and the game wasn't really created with mobile in mind, but at least it's now available as an option!



This is a brilliant game, it has a peaceful yet challenging feel which is hard to pull off, a simple yet soothing art style and it scratches the itch of the collector within me, at least it did until i got to the bird boss.

I have never wanted to throw my computer at a wall as much as i have when i faced his boss. At first, it was enjoyable and a clever idea, but when stage two came, it just slowly built up my anger. The jumps need to be perfect, as you have to line up on the birds to even reach, but you can't forget to let go of the buttons once you land otherwise you waltz on off the birds and have to restart. And once you get to the top, there's a non zero chance you can't even move to stage three, because you keep the momentum of the birds and crash right into the wall, which keeps you from scanning the boss. As for stage three, i actually don't have any idea how to beat it, maybe there's some technique i'm missing but i have no clue. I just gave up after a while since i don't think i'd be able to calm down and enjoy what came after the boss even when i beat it.

It's a fucking marvelous game apart from this boss, and i might just be godawful at games for not getting past it, i don't know. It's a shame i couldn't enjoy the game to it's fullest. Still, what you've made is great.

(2 edits)

Thanks for the insightful critique. I feel like I shouldn't take this lightly, especially as I see how much the boss killed your enthusiasm.

So I certainly need to rebalance the boss. I think most of the work I have to do is managing expectations - stage three is actually quite easy mechanically after you figure out what you gotta do (hint at the end of the message). But as the first two phases are purely about mechanical execution, you'd reasonably expect the third one would be, too.... [EDIT: I actually went and made the stages mechanically easier as well with a few level design changes. Should be MUCH less frustrating now]

So I guess this was a fair warning to me - I should always playtest a new feature with new players, instead of just those who already mastered the mechanics. :D cheers!


the bottom one is not the only bird that can be scanned to start the sequence.

ok the boss is now updated, hopefully it's less frustrating now. try it out! :]


I tried out the boss again, and god, it feels way more in my hands. When i fell off i didn't get upset that i misunderstood the physics, but rather felt like it was a fair challenge. You definitively succeeded here.

Phew, I'm SO relieved to hear that! Once again, thanks for your critique, it really pushed me to make it a much fairer first boss. Cheers!

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