A downloadable Castle game

he a fast-paced textmode platformer

he run

he jump

he climb

and he hurt,

unfortunately quite often.

he win award!!

he hosted on Castle

 come try him out

and try not to die.


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it seems the Castle link 404s, is there any way you can host a dedicated html5 version here?


yeah at the moment the game's unplayable :/

i do have the love2d source code, and started recently converting the game to not use castle's dedicated functions.

there're still some broken things that need fixing but i aim to rerelease the game later this year


Ooh, that'll be fun!
No worries if you get sidetracked, looking forward to your other releases too (and heck, whatever random weekend-dev-binge project you make will be fun to observe!)

…where’s the game?

in castle, an online game service thingy. i was going to upload a deluxe edition with music to itch but never did...