Press X or drag with mouse to generate ripples.

Multiple variations for a ripple effect, made in the TIC-80 fantasy console with this tutorial.

Source code included, feel free to use in your personal projects!



The basic version.



Basic version in half the resolution to lighten the calculation (this is the one that is embedded to the top of this page!)



I wanted to model waves bouncing off each other, so - math alert - a time derivative of the wave amplitude is used to calculate a sine component to make the amplitude negative at times...  It almost works! 

The waves have a nice digital tail, which is  a e s t h e t i c a l, so I included it here.



Same as above, but in half the resolution. Halving the resolution was even more important than in the basic version - now I had to store not only two states of the amplitude but its derivative as well.


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ripples.tic 2 kB
ripples.tic.exe 3 MB
ripples-lowres.tic 2 kB
ripples-lowres.tic.exe 3 MB
ripples-damped-sine.tic 2 kB
ripples-damped-sine.tic.exe 3 MB
ripples-damped-sine-lowres.tic 2 kB
ripples-damped-sine-lowres.tic.exe 3 MB
0x00-rintama.tic 2 kB
0x00-rintama.tic.exe 3 MB

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