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How do I install this on a Linux system? I have a couple of zip files and a "debian binary" that seems to do nothing.

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The zip file is your best bet, but you'll also need the Love2D framework version 0.10.x! Yeah... not that simple, especially after Love2D version 11 came out. Maybe I should update this to work under version 11...

Anyway, unzip the file and run with command


I only now realized the .deb file needs also the love2D framework to be installed correctly, so I removed it altogether to avoid confusion. Apologies for the late reply and unclear instructions!

Really cool concept! I love the mood and aesthetic.

My only issue is that it's too easy to cheat by continuously tapping on the 16ths, since there's no penalty for extra taps (that I can tell).

Thanks for the feedback - and especially for pointing out that bug! I had no idea about this (in earlier releases, there indeed was a penalty for extra taps... I better fix this immediately...)

It's now fixed in every version except the linux build, it appears to take a bit for me to get the linux build script back to working again...

aaaand linux build is up!

Nice! Now it's gone from too easy, to too hard. But that, I can live with. ;)

Really cool! I love the concept!

I had problems with the audio not being in sync though.

Hmm... did you try opening the game again and recalibrating (tapping to the rhythm) in the beginning?


Oh wow, this is really hard!

Now a bit easier!

This is great! but also quite hard. I think one of the early planets is like syncopated in a way that makes it a lil hard to figure out, but I am not that discouraged by that. Dig the feel and sound.

Hm, some players have experienced audio sync issues. I'll try to fix them later today!

Hm... that wasn't that easy to fix.... but here's an update anyway.............

9 days later.... the audio sync issues should now be a thing of the past.

But how actually to play? I mean, we have v3 .zip & v5 .love

OK then, but what to do with a .love to update the game? I can't run it.

.love files need Love2D framework to be installed (they are basically zip files with extension changed to .love, containing the source code of the game.)


This is a great game, but hard to play