0.6.3 Runes of EMUU

Oops, new update!?

Surprise! I've updated the demo a few times now, so it's time for a new changelog devlog thingy! These updates pack mostly some new visuals, let's start with the biggest one: runes!

I had a busy weekend and created a runic alphabet system from scratch. I've dreamed of having one in EMUUROM for a long time, and last Friday everything just started pouring out of me... I guess the time was ripe! The runes represent letters arranged into syllable units, and it's designed for writing my mother's tongue: the Savonian dialect of Finnish. By a friend's suggestion, I call them EMUURIIMUU ('riimu' means rune in Finnish). I'd like to talk about the system in detail, so I'm gonna write a longer devlog in the future - stay tuned!

Runes are not the only change, though - for example, I also added some new graphics to the intro cutscene. It felt a bit too barren and text-heavy, so at least there are now some images to look at :D

And I was going to work on the final boss.... Oh well, I think these additions are important - and this is my game, so I get to choose what I'll procrastinate on!



  • new intro cutscene graphics!
  • new constellation animation
  • controls test screen colours are now clearer
  • optimize rune drawing routine
  • small graphics fixes

  • sleeping ahavena cannot be awoken anymore
  • small graphics fixes


  • appear in signposts
  • appear in various screens
  • redesign area intro screen, does not block input
  • fix title screen fadout
  • remove too easy exit from boss


emuurom-demo-html.zip Play in browser
Version 32 Sep 29, 2022
emuurom-0.6.3-demo.lua 1 MB
Version 20 Sep 29, 2022
emuurom-0.6.3-demo.file 3 MB
Version 23 Sep 29, 2022
emuurom-demo-mac.zip 1 MB
Version 24 Sep 29, 2022
emuurom-0.6.3-demo.exe 2 MB
Version 27 Sep 29, 2022


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