0.1.c & 0.1.d - polishing further!

I've quietly shipped two minor updates, here's a combined changelog (lol as if I remember which version fixed which ones)

  • A scanning glitch on screen transition removed (again..!)
  • Ahavena breathes bubbles now.
  • Variant forms of some Emuuroms now show up under the same entry, as they should.
  • A flipped swimming sprite for the player! It now conveys better that you jump downwards underwater.
  • A super annoying bug where Kotiloene kept falling from bridges is finally properly fixed.
  • Some level design adjustments; most visibly, replaced one Kotiloene shortcut with another one.
  • The lead melody of the main theme is now one octave lower, makes for a more pleasant experience imo
  • Controller support: when a controller is in use, the "press a button to do a thing" messages show the corresponding buttons on the (XBOX-layout) controller.


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Version 9 Feb 09, 2020
emuurom-0.1.d.exe 3 MB
Version 4 Feb 09, 2020


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