0.1.f: EMUUROM final demo now available!


This update became so big that it essentially feels like I'm launching a new demo.

Now I can say that it's really _done_.

I mean there's

  • Save/load feature
  • New dex
  • New map
  • New EMUUROM to find
  • New rooms & updated and fine-tuned old rooms
  • New graphics
  • New ending with credits & stats
  • Speedrun clock (press the T button)
  • New secrets
  • Fixed everything

I'm exhausted but so so happy because it is SO GOOD NOW. 

Go play it. You won't regret it.


emuurom-0.1.i.file 9 MB
Version 4 37 days ago
emuurom-0-1-i.dmg 3 MB
Version 5 37 days ago
index.html Play in browser
Version 10 83 days ago
emuurom-0.1.f.file 9 MB
Version 1 83 days ago
emuurom-0_1_e 3 MB
Version 1 83 days ago
emuurom-0.1.f.exe 3 MB
Version 5 83 days ago


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