0.1.g - Small streams make big rivers

A bugfix & tweak update 0.1.g, a direct follow-up for 0.1.f is now live!

Includes the following fixes: 

  •  you can use DOWN button to jump while swimming, makes diving from the water surface less frustrating
  • some small changes in tilemap to make some rooms easier to traverse ( or just prettier )
  • green jump-through platforms maybe look more jump-through now....?
  • added two EMUUROM: one Otukka to direct players' eyes to the SKANNER first time when they arrive in the room, and one Salavia save point in Kaakana nest
  • Otukka glitching sprite fixed
  • hold A+S (X+Y) to reset faster
  • scanning UI minor changes, most importantly it changes sides from top to bottom less frequently
  • music volume adjusted lower (some channels more than others), the sound effects are easier to hear now.


one case: Up button stuck down when a Logitech f310 controller is _not_ connected.

one case: Game crashes with the message "Script execution was interrupted" in the pointColl function. Seemingly an infinite loop, but there isn't any loops in that function...?


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Version 11 May 20, 2020
emuurom-0.1.g.file 1 MB
Version 2 May 20, 2020
emuurom-0-1-g.dmg 1 MB
Version 3 May 20, 2020
emuurom-0.1.g.exe 1 MB
Version 6 May 20, 2020


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