0.1.h - Highly responsive to scanners

The Quite Hopefully Final Demo Release, or 0.1.h is now live!!

It introduces the following tweaks and bugfixes:

  • salavia has eyes now!!
  • ääkköset / äö letters implemented (Kehreejä is no longer Kehreeja!)
  • outlines for entries in the emuudex view
  • some small level design fixes and modifications
  • kaakana wings looked silly when it's moving to the left, fixed.
  • scanner sprite now rotates to eight directions!
  • music crossfade now faster
  • BUGFIX: event horizon softlock (the one where you disappear in some room transitions)
  • BUGFIX: camera does not always follow the player to the next rooom
  • a new visual self-expression feature for the scanner.
  • there was no way to save the game after finding the last room of the OOB route
  • the charge jump is  now signposted with a moving sprite 
  • Some EMUUROM changing direction by scanning now more responsive

The BLM bundle has brought many new players, I'm stunned tbh. Thanks for everyone who has played the demo! 


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Version 12 Jun 21, 2020
emuurom-0.1.h.file 1 MB
Version 3 Jun 21, 2020
emuurom-0-1-h.dmg 1 MB
Version 4 Jun 21, 2020
emuurom-0.1.h.exe 1 MB
Version 7 Jun 21, 2020


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Oof, first bug report is already in. I guess 0.1.i will eventually happen....