0.1.i - The sign where one's home biome reflects

Another "final" demo update is live! Now the focus is in the polished map & dex UI, but there's also some changes under the hood.

  • Kehreejä variants have their colours tweaked
  • map
    • cleaner, easier-to-read look with the sign sprites gone
    • the sign text background colour reflects the biome now
    • Kehreejä sprites have their own colours
    • a certain Emuurom shows up...!
  • dex
    • bugfix: if you find "too many" entries, the blue colour does not change back to red
    • Emuurom sprites are in their correct colours now
    • some OOB emuurom sprites fixed
  • kotiloma bump sound does not repeat
  • credits: out of screen text fixed
  • bugfix: Otukka does not move when being scanned anymore
  • bugfix: Kaakana's velocity does not get applied to your jump velocity if it is being scanned
  • some under-the-hood fixes for flashing effects (mostly applies to OOB emuurom)

Happy playing!


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Version 13 Jun 30, 2020
emuurom-0.1.i.file 1 MB
Version 4 Jun 30, 2020
emuurom-0-1-i.dmg 1 MB
Version 5 Jun 30, 2020
emuurom.0.1.i.exe 1 MB
Version 8 Jun 30, 2020


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