boss balance & longer entry texts

Another week, another update! ^^ 

Or, actually, two. I didn't write a dedicated changelog for the previous version as I was anyway about to release a new version soon enough. And here it is! changelog

  • balance tutorial boss
  • make tutorial boss phases faster
  • visual aids for tutorial boss Kaakanas
  • bugix: rare kaakana bug where its speed can change drastically changelog

  • balance tutorial boss more, it feels pretty much done now
  • implement two-page entry texts
  • update many signpost and Emuurom entries
  • show biome sprites in entry texts
  • bugfix: prevent UIs from overlapping
  • bugfix: fix intro cutscene if plugging in controller during cutscene

Happy holidays,

(this might as well been the last update of this year, and if that's the case then also)

happy new year 2022, everyone!


emuurom-demo-html.zip Play in browser
Version 21 Dec 26, 2021
emuurom- 1 MB
Version 9 Dec 26, 2021
emuurom- 1 MB
Version 12 Dec 26, 2021
emuurom-demo-mac.zip 858 kB
Version 13 Dec 26, 2021
emuurom- 1 MB
Version 16 Dec 26, 2021


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