0.5.0 Mjäy

It's been 6 months since the last update.... but EMUUROM lives on!

I've been quietly working on Harju, the second-to-last area, which is now finally done - only one area left! Development of Harju has introduced many tweaks to tutorial area as well, so I decided to upload a new demo build to itch.io and Steam. There's nothing critical, but the overall experience is all the more smoother for the tiny changes. 

0.5.0 changelog

  • Intro cutscene dialogue changes
  • Intro cutscene: Maire has a cartridge now
  • Easier to ride on Kaakanas
  • Shorter bossfight
  • Changes in signpost texts
  • Minor changes in level design
  • A new Hattu design
  • Some other stuff I forgot


emuurom- 960 kB
Version 2 48 days ago
emuurom-demo-html.zip Play in browser
Version 22 Jun 14, 2022
emuurom- 960 kB
Version 1 Jun 06, 2022
emuurom-0.5.0-demo.lua 1 MB
Version 10 Jun 14, 2022
emuurom-0.5.0-demo.file 1 MB
Version 13 Jun 14, 2022
emuurom-demo-mac.zip 858 kB
Version 14 Jun 14, 2022
emuurom-0.5.0-demo.exe 1 MB
Version 17 Jun 14, 2022


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