0.5.1 vauhtista!

A new update already? And it's not bugfixes???

As per popular request, EMUUROM now has a SPEEDRUN MODE. For the time being, it can only be toggled with keyboard by pressing SHIFT+R. When I update EMUUROM to use the TIC-80 version 1.0, speedrun mode will be available for toggling in the pause menu. 


  • Speedrun mode! Press SHIFT+R to toggle.
    • Faster soft resetting in title screen 
    • faster config mode skip
    • Speedrun timer tied to real time instead of game time: soft resetting adds up to the timer now!
  • For version 0.5.0 players: Save format changed a bit to accommodate the new mode, so you will see a "Save data compatible" message which means your old save was converted to the new format successfully. 


emuurom-demo-html.zip Play in browser
Version 23 Jun 16, 2022
emuurom-0.5.1-demo.lua 1 MB
Version 11 Jun 16, 2022
emuurom-0.5.1-demo.file 3 MB
Version 14 Jun 16, 2022
emuurom-demo-mac.zip 1 MB
Version 15 Jun 16, 2022
emuurom-0.5.1-demo.exe 2 MB
Version 18 Jun 16, 2022


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This is so good.