0.5.4. Have you heard of EMUULEHTO?

I've updated the EMUUROM beta and now the demo catches the beta, going from 0.5.1 straight to the most recent version: 0.5.4! The most striking change is visible right after running the game, but there's also more....


  • a new cinematic intro!
  • new flavor text in forms of poems! This means many signposts were rewritten completely.
  • many EMUUROM descriptions updated as well
  • an updated HATTU room (secret)
  • level design fixes for a smoother experience

That's all! Maybe this is the final demo!?


emuurom-demo-html.zip Play in browser
Version 25 Jul 23, 2022
emuurom-0.5.4-demo.lua 1 MB
Version 13 Jul 23, 2022
emuurom-0.5.4-demo.file 1 MB
Version 16 Jul 23, 2022
emuurom-demo-mac.zip 858 kB
Version 17 Jul 23, 2022
emuurom-0.5.4-demo.exe 1 MB
Version 20 Jul 23, 2022


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Final demo !!!