0.6.1. Pageturner's paradox!

Hello again!

EMUUROM development is going smoothly. We're nearing the finish line - there's only two bosses & ending cutscene left to implement... and then the game is done! Can you believe it?! Maybe the game WILL be released this year, after all!

As late game development has progressed, there have been some changes on the early areas as well. I had a playtesting session last month that resulted in a few important UI fixes. I wanted to incorporate those fixes into the demo as well - it makes the beginning of the game just a little smoother.

Sooo, the rumours about 0.5.4 being the final demo were greatly exaggerated...


  • Add flashing lights warning
  • Make Dex UI make more sense
  • Add page indicator to dex view
  • Clearer boss progression
  • Make scanner rotation a bit slower
  • Fix some text entries
  • Refactor Save format (breaks old saves.)
  • Fix palette bug with controller
  • Fix scanner collision
  • Fix: Do not show big text before acquiring scanner
  • Fix music staying on after leaving room 24
  • Other tiny bugfixes


emuurom-demo-html.zip Play in browser
Version 28 Sep 05, 2022
emuurom-0.6.0-demo.lua 1 MB
Version 16 Sep 05, 2022
emuurom-0.6.0-demo.file 1 MB
Version 19 Sep 05, 2022
emuurom-demo-mac.zip 858 kB
Version 20 Sep 05, 2022
emuurom-0.6.0-demo.exe 1 MB
Version 23 Sep 05, 2022


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wait really? damn

yep! ofc there's still a nonzero chance that the game gets delayed to 2023, but i'm so close to the finish line i can almost touch it...

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Super stoked! Props on seeing this project through to its end, that's a major feat! Good luck with the release!