1.10: The 'Let's make some noise' update


  • The biggest new feature is a progress indicator: the further you are, the more noisier the scene gets. This also solidifies the message that the game is indeed beatable.
  • Two (or at least 1.5) new phases added to make the difficulty curve more forgiving. (It also improves pacing!)
  • Transitions between phases are now more polished (no planets appearing out of nowhere or anything...)
  • that's it for now....


syzygy-love-source.zip 1 MB
Version 8 Oct 16, 2017
syzygy-1.10_all.deb 1 MB
Version 2 Oct 16, 2017
syzygy-mac.zip 6 MB
Version 3 Oct 16, 2017
syzygy-win32.zip 4 MB
Version 6 Oct 16, 2017


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